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Photo by Valentine Ottone, used under Creative Commons.

Mazily har nu stängt :(

Vi vill tacka dig som varit medlem och hoppas du haft glädje av tjänsten. Vi kommer nu att avveckla verksamheten och radera vår medlemsdatabas, men vi ses kanske i labyrintens andra ände?


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Mazily is about meeting new people in exciting places. Our award winning site and events guide is now also available as an app.

  • Birds of a feather flock together

    We all want someone to appear beneath our balconies clad in a velvet suit, pink carnation in the lapel, gently strumming James Blunts' “You're Beautiful“... or don't we? Mazily allows you to find singles in London with similar interests so that you might avoid agonizing first dates at the Lion King musical (unless, of course, that's just your kind of thing).

  • Keeping it local

    Mazily is like a night out at the pub, only you're wearing special x-ray glasses permitting you to peek into that lovely ladettes honey coloured eyes and know, not only that you'd like to speak to her but also her favourite band, film AND director. At Mazily starting a conversation is as easy as saying “I can't believe you're a Bergman fan too!“

  • What's on tonight?

    With the help of Mazily's unique events guide you'll never be dateless again. We list top events for dating in London and make it possible for you to take that cute guy with the brooding eyes to see the Lumineers tonight, as long as you man up, sign up and send him a cheeky invite that is!

  • The best thing since ABBA ...

    and their golden leotards to come out of Sweden. After having taken the homeland by storm – voted the BEST amongst Swedish dating sites in 2012 and 2013 – the natural next step was to bring the love to London. We brought you The Swedish Sin and now we're back. No need to thank us – just dive in.