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Terms & Conditions

Grab a cup of coffee, settle into your favourite armchair and put your reading glasses on, because this is important.

These membership terms and conditions apply to the use of the services that Lajku, registration number 556855-6947, provides individuals through the Mazily service. You are solely responsible for your conduct in accordance with the terms and conditions and current English legislation. Membership terms were last modified on 2017-12-14.


Mazily is a web-based service designed to help people find and get to know new people. By becoming a Mazily member, you agree to use the site only for these purposes. This service is restricted to private individuals and you must be at least 18 yeas of age in order to become a Mazily member. You may have only one user account on Mazily and this account must be linked to your personal Facebook account or an email account of yours. Lajku reserves the right to deny membership or revoke said membership. When you sign up as a member, you confirm that you accept our terms and that you meet our membership requirements. You are solely responsible for any actions performed under your account, whether it is you or someone else logged in to your account. More than one person may not use/share the same account.

By becoming a member, you agree to the following points:

  • As a member, you free Lajku from legal or financial responsibility for any damages or suffering that may have occurred as a result of your use of the Mazily service.
  • As a member, you agree that the information you post on Mazily will be saved and published on Mazily.
  • You accept that your photographic images will be stored by us and will be visible to other Mazily members. We do not claim ownership (copyrights) of your images, but we can freely display them on Mazily’s after-login sections. We also claim the right to use them for branding purposes targeted to selected individuals or groups in a non-public environment.
  • If you have not opted that your profile should be private ("Private profile" under Settings/Visibility) we may show information from your profile and your pictures on public parts of Mazily in order to attract new members.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that you do not violate either our terms or English law.

Free membership

To register a user account and become a Mazily member is completely free of charge. Most of Mazily’s features are also free to use. In order to use Mazily’s full range of features, you must purchase an enhanced membership service; “Mazily Pop” or “Pop Membership”. It is possible to try out Mazily Pop completely free of charge for short periods of time by completing our so-called “Quests”.

Pop Membership

In order to have access to Mazily Pop for a longer period of time other than those days rewarded through completing our “Quests”, you must purchase Pop Membership in the form of a monthly subscription. Note that the conditions stated at the signing of a subscription are included as a part of these Terms and Conditions. On Mazily, a member has the option of an “Inactive” status; whether your status is active or inactive, your Pop Membership will continue to run.


We utilize a third-party service (“Payment Intermediary”) to handle payments on Mazily. Payment will be processed based on the payment method that you choose. Our Payment Intermediary is Braintree or Apple and Google in the case of a purchase in our apps. When you sign up for Pop Membership on Mazily, you agree to our terms and conditions as well as the conditions and security policies that are set by the payment intermediary. By signing a Pop Membership, you agree to pay us through our Payment Intermediaries at the rates specified and the cost is deducted from your account as specified in the payment method chosen. We are not responsible for errors made by our Payment Intermediaries and reserve the right to correct errors or mistakes that may have occurred, even if payment has already gone through.

Payment Method

Your specific payment terms are based on your chosen Payment Method and may be affected by the agreement you have with your financial institution, your credit card issuer or other party that handles your payments. If we do not receive payment from you as agreed on through your chosen payment method, you hereby agree to pay the amount that you owe us upon request and in accordance with the offer that you have signed.

Monthly Subscription Fee

Our subscription offers are monthly recurring subscriptions, for purchases on the website, or periodically recurring subscriptions, for in-app purchases, and by signing up for a subscription, you agree that we will charge your account accordingly until you cancel your subscription AND the selected subscription's bindning period has passed. Binding periods are however not applicable for in-app purchases since the entire period is pre-paid. "Monthly" refers to a certain day of the month as determined by when your subscription started (for example, this can be the 7th of each month) and "periodically" means that the subscription will be renewed with the same duration as the initial period, and at the same day the previous period expires (for example, this can be the 14th every 3rd month). Our subscription offers always run from the moment you sign them until you cancel them, but never shorter than the agreed subscription period. Refer to the section on “Cancellation of Subscription” below.

Changes in the Monthly Subscription Fee

If, for some reason, the amount we draw monthly needs adjusting from the amount that you have approved at the signing of a subscription (other than changes in the rate of VAT that are beyond our control), you are entitled to be informed of this, the amount and date, before the date that it is expected to be charged to your account and in sufficient time for you to cancel your subscription if you should so choose.

Cancellation of Subscription

As a member, you can cancel your Mazily Pop subscription whenever you wish. For subscriptions purchased on the website, simply look under Settings/Account. For subscriptions purchased in our apps, go to your iTunes/Google Play account's subscription page, and cancel your current subscription. The subscription is not renewed in such cases, but will continue to run until your agreed subscription period is over.

Your subscription will automatically be terminated if you cancel your Mazily membership (not valid for in-app purchases, see below). If you have time left on your chosen subscription you will however continue to pay until the end of the binding period.

Subscriptions started in our apps (in-app purchases) can only be handled and cancelled from your iTunes/Google Play account. If you cancel your Mazily membership you are then responsible to cancel your Mazily Pop subscription yourself. We do not have the authority to cancel this for you.

Cancellation of Membership

To cancel your Mazily Pop membership, go to Settings/Account on the website, or Settings in the apps.

If for some reason you can not log in to Mazily, you can manually cancel your membership by sending an email to and enter your email address that you registered with as well as your username. We then conclude your membership manually and notify you of the day on which it was cancelled.

We have the right to terminate your membership at any time, if we believe that you have violated our terms. We are not required to notify you beforehand or supply the reason for this. However, we will try to give you a reason unless we are legally prohibited from doing so. If we are forced to cancel your subscription prematurely, you are not entitled to any form of compensation for unused subscription time and we still have the right to charge you monthly for any remaining subscription period.

Contact with Us or Our Representatives

We provide our members, to the best of our or our representatives' ability, assistance in various forms. When communicating with said persons, you may not treat them poorly, use threats, derogatory language, sexism, or racism, etc. If we determine that your behaviour towards any of said persons or representatives can be considered to be detrimental to that person, we reserve the right to cancel your membership immediately, even if you have a pre-paid membership with time remaining.

The Return/Regret Policy (Cooling-off Period) applies under the United Kingdom Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, which means that within 7 days you are entitled to cancel your purchase provided that the service has not yet started to operate. The right is counted as null and void if you have sent a message to any other member or have commented on any other members’ status update after you made your purchase. You do not have to state your reason for cancelling in connection with the exercise of your right to cancel under this law.

Notice that your wish to withdraw from the signed agreement on the grounds of the Return/Regret Rights must be sent in writing and submitted to Lajku AB, by letter or email using the addresses below. The notice shall specify the email address you registered with and your username. The message should be sent to:

Mazily c/o Lajku AB
Monbijougatan 17 G
S-21153 Malmö


Our goal is that Mazily should be as enjoyable and social a website as possible. It is therefore not allowed to create content meeting any of the following points below:

  • Content that in any way violates English law.
  • Provide false information about yourself such as gender, age or geographic residence.
  • Use of language that is inappropriate, abusive or offensive.
  • Content that is pornographic or sexually explicit.
  • Personal attacks of any kind.
  • Harassment or attempting to maintain contact with other members that have specifically forbidden or prohibited you from contacting them.
  • Expressions that can be construed as racist.
  • Profile photos depicting someone other than the account holder.
  • Text or images that are copyright protected.
  • Political or religious propaganda.
  • Trying to establish contact with other members by sending multiple messages with the same content.
  • Any form of advertising for selling services or goods or commercial use of Mazily in any other way.
  • Announcing personal information other than your name, that is, the address, email, and contact information for other digital services (including MSN, Skype, Facebook and ICQ), or telephone numbers. Even communications that seek to disseminate their own contact information and call for the change of means of communication are not allowed. Only exception to the above is while setting up a date, when it is ok to reveal contact information, such as the telephone number.
  • Address other members by using their profile name (for example @Linda) in status updates or comments.
  • Content in languages other than primarily the English language, unless it can be regarded as justified by a limited knowledge of English.

It is not permissible to use Mazily in a manner that negatively effects other customers’ access to the service.

Lajku continuously examines information and pictures provided by our members, but we do not have the possibility of reviewing in advance all material posted on Mazily. If you see anything that violates any of the above, we encourage you to advise us by reporting the offending member using the available Reporting feature.

If you violate Mazily’s Terms and Conditions or the English law, your information may be deleted and/or your entire account could be suspended and cancelled without notice. Lajku may also inform the relevant Internet Service Provider and/or the police if we believe that there has been a sufficiently serious infraction. Lajku is not responsible for the information you publish or documents you provide as a member. This means that we are not responsible for what other members are doing on Mazily.

We may remove information in a profile without notice to the member who posted it. If your profile is too deficient of content over a longer period of time, it may be deleted. You are, in that case, welcome to register a new, more comprehensive profile.

Changes to Membership Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be subject to change without notice, from time to time, in our sole discretion, we will notify you of the amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them to this website with a new last update date. The changes will take legal effect one (1) month after they have been published on the website. For new members, registered after the changes were published, the changes will take immediate effect since they were approved at the time of signup.

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